Tobacco Outlet is the exclusive distributor in Calgary for Cigar Star Humidors.  This means you can see the humidor, get advice and save money to boot...
Tobacco Outlet is the exclusive distributor in Calgary for Cigar Star Humidors.  This means you can see the humidor, get advice and save money to boot.  Here is a little more about this great company from their website:

Our Mission:
Total Quality with Continued Improvement! The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.

Cigar Star designs and manufactures all of our cigar products. Our specialty design team are cigar connoisseurs, we have one of the best design teams in the world and they have a great deal of focus on having the highest quality in the market. We import only the highest quality materials such as premium kiln dried Spanish cedar, exotic woods from around the world for our famous hand crafted humidors. We only use the best stainless steel including 440 Stainless steel blades in all our cutters we manufacture.

At Cigar Star® we run frequent and random quality checks during manufacturing, including but not limited to the finished product. We put our products through rigorous abuse, misuse, and regular use, ensuring that our Cigar Star products once in your hands live up to their Premium Quality CIGAR STAR® name and standards.
Up here in the great white north we understand how dry it can get in the winter months so we have focused on the inner working functions of the humidor while finishing with detailed craftsmanship throughout. If your humidor has the Cigar Star name on it, you can be confident your cigars will only get better with age!

Cigar Star was founded in 2001 when a group of Canadian men traveling to and from Cuba enjoying the culture, good friendship and the easy going warm life style that Cuba has to offer, along with the best cigars the world! Our love of Cuban cigars lead us to decide that we would use our engineering backgrounds to design products to keep our cigars fresh while on the go. Leaving the tropical, humid climate of Cuba and coming back to Toronto in fridgid Febuary can destoy cigars! So with that, Cigar Stars first product came to life with the Ultimate Cigar Travel Humidor and we have expanded from that.

We decided that we would much rather do something in life that we love to do, create, design and manufacture a premium quality brand of cigar accessories that focus on preserving, enhancing & ageing cigars to perfection. Many years have passed and still Cigar Star continues to grow with leaps and bounds, mostly due to our focus on the customers needs. After all, we have redesigned products from feedback that our customers have given us. This tells us that we are doing something right.

Cigar Star brand is the leader in Premium Quality Cigar Accessories, which won’t break your wallet. We know once you have had the pleasure of owning any line of the Cigar Star brand not only will you buy again but you will also tell your family and friends about us.

Good Friends and great family run this Canadian company and we want all our customers to know that we stand behind each and every product that carries the Cigar Star name.

Cigar Star has a brand new exclusive distrubutor in Calgary Tobacco Outlet