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Cigar, Pipe, Humidor, E-cigarette and other videos are provided by helpful videos posted by other connoisseurs.  You can also visit us in store for advice and help with your tobacco related questions.  In many cases a little knowledge can save you time and money. There is lots of advise and tips in our blog section too.

How to light a cigar.  How to pack and smoke a pipe.  How to season a humidor and more.  Check here for answers to all your questions about specialty tobacco and related accessories.  Humidor care, cigar maintenance and more. 

Seasoning A Humidor

Use distilled water and gently bring your humidor up to a humidity that will are and maintain your precious cigars.

the best way to season a cigar humidor

How to light a Cigar.

The right way to get an even burn and enjoyable experience. Its simple but takes some key points of attention. Lighting, cutting. how often to draw and more tips for a smoking a cigar.

Setting up a Hookah

Setting up a hookah is easy. Follow this video for a simple guid to setting up and using a hookah pipe (shisha pipe).

How to maintain a torch lighter

Maintaining a torch lighter is finicky and requires some effort. As seen in the 'lighting a cigar' video however, a proper torch lighter is helpful tool in a nice even burning cigar.

how to light a cigar


IQOS's heat-not-burn technology is constantly evolving to provide the best experience for a clean, no-ash, no burn, no smoke option for those who enjoy smoking. Check out their demo on their latest version. Check back for the IQOS Iluma in the near future